Who are we?

A legacy of women who uplift humanity
through their innate gifts and talents.

Precious Me Inc, is a program designed to nurture love for oneself, love and appreciation for others, and recognition of the love from others inside and outside of immediate ties through experiential learning experiences.

The experiential learning experience offers focus on areas of education ranging from healthy development of self-identity to life skills such as preparing quality nutritional meals and building substantial resumes.

Our program is designed with the modern girl in mind. The topics explored within each workshop and experience will be pertinent to ongoing and rising needs such as social media etiquette and identity development. In a world where sexting and cyber bullying are emerging troubles of today’s society, young ladies need to be equipped with the skills and knowledge to overcome 21st Century girl problems.

Precious Me Inc is here to partner with parents/guardians and their daughter(s) to navigate through many of life’s more challenging questions in a fun, enlightening, and structured fashion.


Precious Me Inc enriches the lives of young women through experiential learning, by equipping them with the life skills necessary to cultivate the foundations of womanhood.

What is Life?

It’s a community awareness campaign presented by girls, for girls ages 11-18. Dismantling negative stereotypes and external images about adolescent girls while counteracting with positive self-images and self-worth.

Beauty is in the “ I ” of the Beholder